ALL STAR FEST is a rock and roll party and is a showcase of everything from MELODIC ROCK to HEAVY METAL !

place to be : venue ZAPPA , city ANTWERP in BELGIUM

date : 25-26 & 27 November 2022




25-26-27/11/2022 NOVEMBER 2022 !


Good news for our All Star friends!

We are confirming that our Festival will be happening as a three day event- as planned.

Here are definitive updates for you.

We are very sorry for the long delay but we needed several confirmations to proceed.

As many other Hard Rock / Heavy Metal promoters, we had to face a very difficult situation with the economic crisis post-Covid and steep sudden cost increases; this impacted us with unforeseen costs, that unfortunately were not estimated two years ago (when we announced the Festival).

The venue will be “Zappa” , as originally announced. Staging production and financial issues are now resolved.

As some of you know, TEN decided to pull out. There were some reasons behind their decisions that we understand, as their schedule would not allow them to wait any longer for our unforeseen delayed response. We are very sorry and sad that they cannot join us.

CAUGHT IN ACTION have been forced to pull out due to personal reasons (one of the band member's health problems). We wish them all the best and a quick recovery and hope to have them at one of our next events!

Great news is that we’ll have the great band AGE OF REFLECTION from Sweden to play their slot! They’ll open Saturday in BIG style.

The Sunday line-up has some changes.

VANEXA decided to pull out again for personal reasons (another health problem within the band, nothing related to the Festival). Best wishes to them!

Unfortunately, lately, we were told by their management that SWEET SAVAGE will NOT be able to play All Star Fest. The sole reason for this is that guitarist, Simon McBride, has recently become a full-time member of Deep Purple. Deep Purple Management doesn’t allow Simon to play any outside shows, so, as a result, SWEET SAVAGE cannot perform without recruiting a replacement guitarist. Bad news but we can’t do anything about.

Finally, HOLOCAUST will not play All Star Fest.

They have been replaced by Belgian ‘80s Metal band, KILLER, who will play a special and unique show with original members and original singer!

We are very sorry about these changes but we think that we did the best we could during this difficult time and, we decided not to postpone or cancel, to preserve our guests’ commitment to the Festival.

All the other bands on the bill are confirmed, and we really appreciate their patience and dedication to the “All Star Festival”.

We hope to see you all very soon and start a three days long party!

The All Star Festival team


we have some bad news and some good news , ANGEL WITCH + ROCK GODDESS will not appear on our festival both bands decided to cancel all their shows for 2022

Good news is that we can present 2 great bands to replace them HOLOCAUST + WITCH CROSS  - our line up page is updated with these 2 great bands check them out


we are very happy and proud to present you at ALL STAR FEST 2022 as new added : VALENTINE & GRAND SLAM !!!


we are very happy and proud to present you at ALL STAR FEST 2022 as new added : TREAT - TEN - NESTOR - WARRIOR SOUL - ENUFF Z NUFF - CAUGHT IN ACTION & ROOF DOWN !!!


Today we proudly announce at ALL STAR FEST 2022 on Sunday 27th Nov

the mighty ANGEL WITCH + nwobhm legends TYTAN & WEAPON UK



-We are working on the last details to present you the final line up for 2022 , 99pct from the bands ( FM-CHINA- ALIEN - ROULETTE - CHEZ KANE - DEMON - DIAMOND HEAD - ... )  have reconfirmed and we have some new nice suprises. STAY TUNED !!!

- All who have already purchased the tickets can keep them for next year edition and wil receive a VIP ticket upgrade.

- a REFUND is also possible  , please send us an email: ( refund possible until 30/11/2021 ! )



We read all your comments and, of course, it’s very sad and disappointing that the festival have been postponed to 2022.

This has been a not-easy to take decision but there was no other options.We put a lot of efforts in creating this great line-up, but then, with these very low pre-sales, we couldn’t permit  that all of these great bands would play in front of less than 100 people in a large venue that could contain 1000! That would have been a depressing view.

We have waited for some weeks hoping that the situation with tickets sales would get better but unfortunately nothing changed, so we took the only possible decision.

Since we’re living in uncertain times where a government can suddenly cancel events based on the increasing covid-numbers, it was for us logic to think that people that booked flights and hotels in advance would have bought also a cancellation-insurance for both, flights and hotels plus we’re pretty sure that all hotels booked via etc are free from costs by cancellations weeks before (as it’s the case here) as most flights companies are giving you the chance to change the flight.

We have therefore waited until few days ago and didn’t give up on our hard work for some weeks & months, hoping that the situation with tickets sales would get better but unfortunately nothing changed.

So at the end we took the only possible decision and - believe us - it was not easy !

Many messages that we have received from the bands and the fans, disappointed but fully understanding the tough decision we made, and  the very positive reactions we have received on our line-up, are giving us the strength to not give up.

New dates for 2022 are already confirmed and will be 25, 26 &27 of November 2022.

Most bands from this year are reconfirmed and we have already new top bands confirmed , in the next weeks will we announce our new line-up.

At the same time we will give you the option to receive a full refund from your ticket or to keep it for the 2022 edition.

For the ones that have bought a ticket for this year and keep it for next year, their ticket will be upgraded, with no charge, to a VIP ticket, including meet & greets with the bands ( only with  bands that agree for it ) +  dinner at the VIP area.

Again sorry for any inconvenience !

We are the first to be disappointed and sad regarding the whole situation but our focus is now our 2022 edition where we will prove that our priority are the fans and we’ll work hard to give you a fabulous festival!


Dear fans and friends,

following our previous press-release and our relentless efforts to ensure the Festival the best possible line-up, we are happy to present the UPDATED and DEFINITIVE line-up for Sunday, a day totally dedicated to the glorious sound of NWOBHM and traditional HEAVY METAL!

As you can see, we have now basically three great co-headliners, DEMON, DIAMOND HEAD and PRAYING MANTIS, with two very nice surprises thrown into: SWEET SAVAGE from UK (we’re sure that everybody recall METALLICA covering their song “Killing Time”!) and HIGHWAY CHILE from Holland (their debut-album "Storybook Heroes" is still considered as an Hard-Rock classic album, often compared to Def Leppard debut),

To complete the day - along with the already confirmed acts MADMAX and VANEXA - we have added SPOOKY (the Belgian band formed by KILLER original singer, playing the best from KILLER



Dear fans and friends,

during these last few weeks we’ve been thru a lot emotions, as getting the notice that some of the announced bands decided to pull out have put us in a quite stressful situation.

We have considered many options, if reducing the Festival to a one-day show or to postpone it, but – again – we consider our fans and supporters as our main priority so, despite the situation, we have decided to proceed ahead as planned.

For Saturday we have only one change. Enuff z Nuff have decided to cancel their whole 2021 European tour including the show at our Fest. We have worked on this, and we think we have found a great band to replace them.

So please welcome from Sweden ELECTRIC BOYS!

Formed in 1986, and with many successful albums on their shoulders, like “Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride” (including the singles "All Lips and Hips" and "Psychedelic Eyes") and “Groovus Maximus” and their unique sound , ELECTRIC BOYS is a definite winner on the Saturday line-up.

Unfortunately the Sunday line-up is still on the re-working stage at the moment, as various UK bands decided to cancel their 2021 tour and shows (due to both, Covid and Brexit-related restrictions).

We’ve been trying many options and bands and we hope to come out with the final line-up very soon (a couple days at latest), as we’re almost there and ready to announce a couple of very nice names.

Again, we’d like to point out that we’re making all of our possible efforts to make this Festival happen and to welcome all of you guys at the FIRST Hard Rock/Metal international indoor Festival, after those terrible pandemic times.

Here’s the new Festival-Poster for Saturday. Hope you like it.

Please spread the news.

We’re looking fwd to get a feedback from all of you.

In Rock we trust!


“All Star Fest” is happy to present:



on Friday, the 19th of November 2021.

The Rock-party will continue with the Hard-Rock cover-band TOUGH TITTY

This will be a Pre-Festival event, a big party with musicians & friends.

It will be held at the “Kavka Club”. Street-address: Oudaan 14 - Antwerp.

Entrance ticket: 20 Euro. Limited access to 300 persons.


we are proud to announce the full line up !!! 
Saturday 20/11/2021


Sunday 21/11/2021


we are proud to announce CHINA : exclusive show
at ALL STAR FEST 2021 !


Bands reconfirmed for 2021 :


new announcement :


LINE UP page is updated  , please check the bands out !